‪Dr. Hesham Tawfik‬

1-      Professor & head of Clinical Oncology- Faculty of Medicine – Tanta University.

2-      Board member of scientific committee of center of cancer excellence at Tanta university hospital.

3-      Member of the research team of the Genomic Signature of Cancer Research Center Tanta university hospital.

4-   Reviewer of Cancer Research Papers at the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

5-   Editorial Board Member of the Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis (MJO).

6-      Editorial Board Member of the International journal of cancer and Biomedical Research.

7-      Special interest in Genito-urinary and Breast malignancies.

8-      Member of head committee of Breast-Gynecological International Cancer Society ” BGICS “.



More than 20 international publications on google scholar

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